Our Story

From the beginning, BlvdEight has had one mission: Helping our customers create inspiring spaces in their homes. World-class hotels and resorts loved working with founder and designer, Mandy Li, because her team could create modern, elegant pieces that were also durable and functional. She began working with the top names in hospitality such as Hilton, Marriott and Hyatt.

As business expanded, Mandy noticed a hole in the market. Her firm had always created custom furniture and fixtures that required design and production time, but some hospitality clients had more urgent needs for last-minute design elements. These clients were left turning to traditional retail outlets to buy pieces designed for consumers’ homes. In turn, these hotels and resorts were furnished with residential quality pieces that quickly broke or wore down. Mandy acted quickly to provide her clients with a better option, and “Quick Ship” was born.

“Quick Ship” items were built to be truly beautiful and unique in their design while still high-quality enough to withstand the wear-and-tear of years in a hospitality environment. This option quickly became popular amongst her hospitality clients who could shop ready-to-ship items designed specifically for their industry.

But, Mandy still was not satisfied with the offering; she saw yet another segment that was not being served. At this point, high quality furniture was only available to big brands, such as Marriott, Four Season and Park Hyatt. She felt something needed to change and that everyone deserved the opportunity to create a slice of grandeur in their home. Democratizing luxury, the ever-inspired Mandy took an offering once only available to the world’s top resorts and spas straight to the consumer. And BlvdEight was born.

BlvdEight customers want to capture the breathtaking feeling of a 5-star hotel in their own homes. They want to curate a space that feels luxurious, comfortable, and elegant for their family and friends to enjoy.