Our Process

Our mission at BlvdEight is to help you create resort-level luxury in your own home. Every piece is crafted focusing on three aspects of design to ensure the highest quality fixtures with a truly elegant look and feel. It is these three pillars that make BlvdEight pieces unique:


For decades, our modern collection was available solely for the world’s finest hotels and establishments, such as the Shangri La Hotels and Resorts and Intercontinental Hotels. Our line was designed for these exotic and inspiring spaces, from Las Vegas all the way to Shanghai. Our hospitality clients needed pieces that were not only breathtaking but also lasting. Now, you can give your guests that same feeling of luxury when they walk into your home.




Our furnishings are crafted from the highest quality materials on the market including high-end wood, stone, marble, and granite. Everything is produced in our own factory and we take no shortcuts in production. By using only the best, hand-selected materials and a craftsman production process, we ensure our pieces can withstand the whirlwind of everyday life, whether it's in a busy lobby or your own personal living room.




There is more to a BlvdEight piece than meets the eye. Our designers craft our pieces not only for beauty, but for functionality. Our side tables are not mere decorative pedestals; they are built to bear weight and stand strong. Our lighting fixtures are not just sparkling pendants; they are created to light a room with warmth and softness. We want your design to feel like home.



Today, our designer pieces are available to everyone, meaning you can now create the luxurious feeling of a 5-Star hotel within your very own home. Exquisitely crafted, exceptionally durable, and entirely functional, it’s time you experienced these luxury pieces made for the way you live, proudly reflecting your unique style, flair and fashion.