Turning your coffee table into a style statement

Giving your living room a luxurious and stylish look doesn't have to be difficult. Creating an exquisite tablescape with your coffee table can go a long way toward making your living room feel like a million dollar showpiece. 

Get your creative juices flowing with these design tips. 

1. Choose the right coffee table for your space

It all starts with the right furniture piece. Choose from the many coffee table designs available today and pick one that will go well in your living room. Consider both the table's aesthetic and functional elements. The shape, design, size, and material must harmonize with other furniture pieces, particularly your living room set. See our tips [link to Month 1 Blog Post 3] on how to choose the perfect coffee table for your space. 

2. Balance is key

Avoid cluttering your tabletop with an assortment of small curios and knickknacks. At the same time, avoid crowding the space with large chunky pieces. There has to be a good balance of large and small objects. If you're displaying a variety of items, such as books, figurines, and flowers, group similar items together to create harmony. 

3. Create a focal point

If a menagerie of books and curios is not for you, turn your coffee table into a showcase with just one or two statement pieces, such as an eye-catching table sculpture, or a sculptural vase with ornamental plants.

4. Have a variety of heights and textures

A display of items with the same height and texture can result in a bland or uninteresting look. Put together items with varying heights for a more layered feel. In the same manner, an assortment of textures – such as glass, wood, and fabric – provide variety and character.

5. Plan your color scheme

You can go monochromatic, or have a contrasting or complementing color palette. Any color scheme can work as long as it harmonizes with the rest of the room. If your living room is rich in colors, you might want to mute things down a notch with a monochromatic tablescape. Conversely, if you have a monotone living room, your coffee table arrangement would be a great way to create contrast and add pops of color. You may also choose colors that are uniform with your color scheme for the entire room to create consistency.

6. Choose your display items

What should you decorate your coffee table with? Start with any of these staples and build your tablescape around them.

• Candles and candelabras

Candles work well in any design aesthetic – be it rustic country, contemporary, or classic. Lighted candles at night can create a warm and romantic glow, perfect for a cozy night in or an intimate party.

• Plants and flowers

It's hard to go wrong with fresh plants and flowers. They're classic centerpieces that can bring the freshness of the outdoors in and make a room come alive.

• Books

As with plants and flowers, coffee table books are timeless favorites that can instantly make a statement about you. They also provide guests with something interesting to look at, and can even become conversation starters.

• Catchall trays and bowls

Coffee tables are not only decorative – they're also functional pieces that can hold a variety of objects. Decorative catchall trays and bowls emphasize the functionality of this furniture piece while adding a dash of style.

See our collection of sleek and contemporary coffee tables and start your design journey with a beautiful piece you can be proud of.

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