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How To Style Your Kitchen With Small Pendant Lights In 2023?

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We all know about the tireless planning (and saving) of renovating a kitchen. It is an uphill battle, and we are here to ensure you dominate the battlefield. All you need to take the standard of your kitchen to the next level is small pendant lights!

Small pendant lights for the kitchen are available in an array of styles, from delicate to contemporary to rustic and chic; you can fulfil all your interior design ideas by investing in these versatile lights.

Lighting experts such as BlvdEight provide endless options, from small modern pendant lights to more colourful ones; you can find everything you need.

Are you ready to upgrade your kitchen style with pendant lights but need help knowing where to begin? Well, look no further! The next part of this blog covers all the details.

Kitchen Lighting: All That You Need To Know

Great lighting in a kitchen doesn't only make it more practical, but it creates a comfortable and inviting environment for the entire family. Small pendant lights create the perfect balance between design and functionality.

Lighting can be expensive, so do your homework on reliable sellers before spending your hard-earned money. BlvdEight has a wide selection of pendant lights that you can choose from, each one more exquisite than the last!

One of the main questions that plague the mind of anyone choosing lights for their kitchen is what style to choose. Be aware that not every kind of pendant suits all kitchen spaces. For example, modern kitchens (vertical or horizontal) look better with linear-shaped lights, while rounded, dome-shaped lights might suit casual kitchen spaces more.

Another key aspect concerning kitchen lighting is how high it is to place a small pendant light over the island. In this regard, the best tool is your judgment. It should look right to you, but make sure it is high enough so you don't bang your head!

The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Small Pendant Lights

So, you must start by deciding how many pendants you will hang over your kitchen island. Even though there are no set rules, generally, a row of 3 is good enough. With such a wide range of pendant styles, such as the ones at BlvdEight, you can choose and create any combination.

What Other Lights Can You Pair with Kitchen Pendants?

Although pendant lights are gorgeous, more than their light is needed for a kitchen; the possibilities of decorative lighting are never-ending!

Small crystal pendant lights combined with under cabinet ones will provide the perfect mixture of class, elegance and functionality to your space.

Top Trends on Pendant Lights for Small Kitchen

Many novel trends have been coming into the limelight regarding small pendant lights for kitchens worth a closer look at. These exciting trends will motivate you to add some sophistication to your home!

1. Artisanal Glass

Available in distinct shapes and textures, artisan artists handcraft these glass pendant lights. These unique fixtures will instantly increase the allure of your kitchen.

2. Minimalism is on the Rise

You can always opt for a minimalist design. Simple pendant lights for a small kitchen have an unparalleled beauty that complements the room perfectly.

3. Brass Accents

Who doesn’t love a bit of warmth in their kitchen? Brass pendant lights are the ideal component to achieve just that!

4. Black is Relevant Again

What creates more of a dramatic effect than the colour black? With black pendant lights for a small kitchen, you can enhance the sleek look of the entire area.

5. Tainted by Nature

Homey kitchens always have an authentic feel, and nature-inspired pendant lights will provide them with precisely that aura.

6. Geometric Shapes

To make a statement, choose small modern pendant lights in geometric shapes. With this minute change, your kitchen will become ultra-modern.

7. Industrial Type

This style includes small pendant lights with shades of metal. Some designs come with exposed bulbs that give a rustic feel to urban kitchens, amping up their personality. Look at the Via Pendant at BlvdEigth to better understand Industrial-type pendants!

8. Multiple-Pendant Lights

Lastly, we have the new idea of grouping pendant lights over a kitchen island. This setting builds a flamboyant and striking display that will awestruck anyone who walks into your kitchen.


There is no doubt that pendant lights in a small kitchen can create a dynamic and visually striking display. Just consider the colour scheme, size, cabinet style and flooring in your kitchen and choose the ones that most align with your aesthetic. After going through our guidelines, we guarantee you will be able to find the ideal ones for your kitchen, regardless of its style.


In 2023, Are Pendant Lights Still Relevant and In Style?

Across the globe, people have been investing in Pendant lights for many years now. They have been on the rise on the trending list, and we can expect them to stay that way for a long time. In recent open floor plans, pendant lights have become quite common above dining tables, giving off their soft glow.

Is It Appropriate To Put Pendant Lights In A Tiiny Kitchen?

There is always the option for using mini-pendant lights in a small space. Their smaller size makes them a smart choice for exceptionally small kitchens, as they will not take over the space while offering the illusion of more room owing to their small size. You can also fit mini-pendants in areas where you do not require a lot of extra light but want to add a fashionable focal point.

What Are The Current Lighting Trends For Kitchens?

The past, present and future kitchen lighting trends all include Pendants! Pendants can cast decorate and practical pools of light across areas due to their decorative nature. Contingent on their specific design, pendants are an outstanding source of both task and ambient lighting.

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