Luxury table lamp

How to Choose the Perfect Table Lamp

Luxury table lamp

In decorating your home, every element contributes toward creating a cohesive and beautiful whole. This applies to lighting as well. While pendant lamps and chandeliers may command immediate attention in a room, table lamps play an essential role in bringing the look together.

How do you choose a table lamp that's perfect for a room? Consider these pro tips.

1. Determine how the lamp will be used

Do you need a bedside table lamp for reading in bed? Will the lamp be used for your home office or study area? The purpose of the lamp should be considered in determining its design, size, and illumination. A bedside lamp need not be as bright as a lamp in your living room. On the other hand, if you need the lamp for work, you have to make sure it gives off the right amount of illumination without causing glare or shadows.

A table lamp may not be the main source of light in your living room, so you have more flexibility in choosing the illumination, design, and size.

2. Pick the right size

The size of the lamp should be aligned with its use and location. For a bedside lamp, for example, choose a tall piece if you have a low bedside table, and vice versa. But make sure the lamp is not so big that you're left with little space for your books, glasses, or other items.

As a quick guide, consider these rules of thumb:

  • The bottom of the lamp shade should be at eye level when you're seated. The distance from the tabletop to your eye level is the ideal base height.

  • The height of the shade should be one-third of the base height. So for a base height of 21 inches, the height of the shade should be 7 inches. With a base height of 21 inches, the ideal height range of the lamp is 28 inches (21inches + 7 inches)

  • The ideal lamp shade diameter is at least 2 inches less than its length. The wider the base of the lamp shade, the bigger the area that will be Illuminated.

3. Select the style of the shade and body of the lamp

If you have a neutral interior design and want to add a pop of color, a lamp shade offers the perfect solution. If you're after a dramatic contrast against a white wall, go for black or dark-colored luxury lamps for an elegant look. Or you can go over the top and choose bold prints or bright colors for a vibrant finish.

Lamp bodies come in a wide range of designs, shapes, and materials. There's plenty of room to mix and match shades and bases for a custom look. Let your imagination and creativity fly! Choose colors and designs that go with your preferred aesthetics and will harmonize your interior design.

4. Pay attention to details

While picking the design is exciting, don't forget that a table lamp is also a functional piece. Look into the details that can affect its use, such as the ideal bulb type and wattage. LED bulbs are preferable for their energy efficiency, and smart bulbs that you can control from your mobile device take convenience to the next level.

Check how a lamp is operated, and if it allows you to change the shade. A dimmable switch is also ideal to help you create the right mood and illumination. An elegant, thoughtfully designed home deserves beautiful high end lamps. See our wide selection of table lamps here and find the perfect pieces for your home.

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