Here's why you need a side table


In choosing furniture for your home, the side table is likely to be one of the last pieces you'll pick. But if you survey a living room or bedroom without a side table, you'll feel right away that something is amiss.

While it may not be the focal point in a room, a side table is essential in creating a cohesive look for the space. This furniture piece is both decorative and functional, making it an indispensable element in designing your interiors.

Here are some reasons why a side table is a must have in your home.

1. They are highly functional 

A side table is a convenient place to keep small household essentials, such as your keys, remote controls, and eyeglasses. You can use it to rest a book, a coffee cup, or a glass of water. As one is typically placed beside  a sofa, a chair, or a bed, it's always within convenient reach. A side table that's a few inches lower than the surface of your bed or the arm of your chair or sofa is ideal, as it allows you to reach for food, drinks, or small essentials without much effort.

2. They are highly versatile

Side tables are small in size and don't occupy a lot of space. You can easily move them around if you wish to change up the room or perhaps create a cozy nook for reading or working. While they're primarily found in living rooms and bedrooms, side tables can also be used in other parts of the house, such as a home office, a hallway, or an entertainment room.

A side table is also a great solution to filling up an awkward space, such as the gap between two armchairs or between the bed and the wall. While there are no fast rules on how many side tables you can have in a room, two would be an ideal number.

3. They provide additional storage

If you need that extra space to store odd objects, a side table just might be the perfect solution. Many side tables have drawers or small cabinets where you can store objects like books, pens, medications, and keys, or perhaps, socks and underwear.  If you have kids in the house, a side table cabinet can also be a great place to keep small toys.

4. They enhance the look of the space

As previously mentioned, side tables are often essential in completing the look of a room. They come in a wide variety of designs, from contemporary to antiques, so finding the best ones for your space should not be a problem. This modern wood and metal piece is perfect for small areas and can also double as a stool when you have guests over. Another wood and metal combination, this unique side table features a magazine rack for a handy but stylish finish.

Check out our collection of contemporary, stylish, and upscale side tables here, and find the ones that go perfectly in your home.
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I have two of your end tables (Aletta and Midas in White) and they work perfectly in the living space at our new home. I love the clean style and also the sturdiness. They are definitely the highest of quality. Great choices, Thanks for the great product. I have pictures of them in place I would love to share.

Rick Miller

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