Five tips for using lighting to elevate a room

While people spend lots of time on furniture and paint color, they often miss the importance of picking the right lighting. Because of their luminance, lamps tend to draw the eye and be one of the first things to define a room’s style. The right lamps immediately set the tone for the room.

Choosing exactly the right lighting can be tricky.  Here are five things to keep in mind:

It’s okay to be bold – While you shouldn’t have every piece on your room making a major statement, a few bold pieces can really amp up the energy.  Try selecting a lamp such as our Garth table lamp. The bold base of the Garth lamp adds style without overwhelming the room.

Go for the glow – A great way to inject warmth into a space is to add lighting encapsulated in a globe.  This design statement will add a lovely warmth to any room.  For example, our Leif accent lamp brings sophistication and warmth without any harshness.

Get the height right – A good rule of thumb for lamps is to have the bottom of the shade at eye level when you’re sitting next to the lamp. Bedside lamps tend to be shorter while table lamps are higher, but you should adjust to table height varies.

Have a little fun –  Because lights aren’t the major focus of a room, it’s okay to place a few that just add visual interest to your space.  A lamp like our Nisse accent lamp makes any room a little more fun and stylish.  

Consider new materials for visual interest – Lighting made from something a little unexpected can also take design to the next level.  The rustic wood of our Audney table lamp brings a new level of sophistication to a space.

Most of all, we suggest choosing things you love, and choosing quality.  Lighting is a great way to express your personal style.  At BlvdEight you’ll find designs that you don’t see everywhere else.  And with the hotel-level quality, you find at BlvdEight, your lighting can bring modern style to your home for years.

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